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Where do you get the ideas for your photography?

This is usually under the assumption that some of my shots are set up. They are not. I only ever take as I find; even shots that look manipulated such as the dolls, the filing cabinet or the old derelict convenience are just as I found them. I sometimes return to a scene for a different light or less people in the background, but 99 times out of 100 I just photograph the things that I think look interesting as I come across them.

Can I buy a different size print / mount?

Yes you can. Not always but if the negative is suitable then I am open to working with you for a desired end result. I say neg dependant as 35mm film can only be enlarged so far without an unacceptable loss of quality. Mounting the print in a smaller or larger surround also an option but I will stress that the regular size of 70x50mm is very convenient for framing (it’s a standard size) and I believe best shows off my work. Any such changes do not affect quantity produced and all will still be numbered 1 -5 accordingly.

Who frames and mounts the photographs?

I do all the work by hand from the taking of the photo to the mounting. I can put the photograph into a frame but this would obviously add to P&P and as previously stated there are many home and lifestyle shops selling frames in the required size. You can of course spend as much as you like on bespoke framing.

Do the photographs need any special care?

Outside of the obvious such as hanging it in a very damp area or any where that has a large degree of temperature change, such as a bathroom or home without reasonable winter heating, no. The afore mentioned would require specialist framing but any normal home should be fine for display. Nearly all frames come with glass and this obviously acts as a barrier. I have had some customers who display my work standing on sideboards or boxed skirting where small hands, pets, and splashes from drinks etc. would ruin it if it was not framed in such a manner.

What if I give a photo as a gift?

Keep the original receipt or pass it on with the photograph and any defects or faults are covered as to the original purchaser.

Would you photograph my wedding?

I’m sorry to say that I won’t. I don’t feel that my style suits such an occasion and I have never really been interested in that particular field of photography. The same applies to portraits of your children and pets. There are however a plethora of specialist studios catering to these areas.