Printers Three

I have been lucky when it comes to having my work on display as I have had excellent support from the great and the good locally and further afield. Friends and family have promoted my photography and shows have been set up by the brilliant Dan Thompson who is now Margate based, and Andrew & Damien at Cloud Gallery Worthing leading to exposure and sales.        

Worthing also has an excellent open house art trail each year which I have participated in at venues around the town. This year however I have taken the plunge and I’m letting the masses (hopefully) into my own place where they can not only see my work but meet me as well. There’s always a downside! At one of the Worthing Artists Open House (WAOH) meetings I bumped into two old friends who also do print art, although theirs is non photographic. I thought it might be good to have a venue with three artists all very different in approach and style but with end results that are print based together under one roof, and thus we now have Printers Three showing at venue 32 on the WAOH trail.

I met Lewis when we shared a space on a previous trail and loved his work, and then again when we ended up working in the same company for a while. Wayne I got to know through Cloud Gallery Worthing where we have attended some big professional shows and found we liked the same artists when it came to buying for our own walls. Both these guys do very vibrant colourful work which is a stark contrast to my Monochrome vision of the world.

Together we will be putting together one of the most interesting venues on the 2016 trail. One or all of us are going to be at the venue throughout, and affable bunch that we are we will be chatting away to all and sundry about the art we are showing, and cake, because cake will be available and we love cake.

Looking forward to seeing anyone and everyone over the three weekends (listed in the WAOH link below) that we will be open.

Three weekends and Printers Three.                              




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