Credit where it’s due.

No need to go into a political rant here concerning the recent Riots (mainly) in London and other UK cities as the tabloids and broadsheets, and of course facebook etc, have covered all bases more than adequately. What I do want to say though is my full respect goes out to every one of the photographers, film camera operators and front of lens journalists who showed more bravery than I may have had I been in the thick of it. It’s easy to forget that in a very visual society where everyone is Flickr-ing that there are still some extremely dedicated professionals leaping into the thick of it to bring us some amazing images. I know this happens all the time all over the world but this really hit home as the recent events were so close to home. I was actually staying in Highbury when it all kicked off up the road in Tottenham. Some of these guys and girls were attacked for trying to record the events, and this is a stark difference to the safety of capturing art images of French post boxes and old carparks that I consider hardcore camera work. It all matters and it is all photography but I for one am glad that these photographers prove that there is still a need for professionals be it in art, reportage, portraiture, landscape etc. Flooding Flickr and facebook with millions of images is all well and good but these people really raise the bar and show great strength of character in doing so. My gratitude goes to all those that brought us closer to these events and all those other moments we would never be a part of without them.

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