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On Wednesday I was interviewed by Stephen Cotterell, a London based photographer for a podcast he puts out on his website and via itunes. I hadn’t met Steve before but it was obvious we would hit it off as he came into my living room and exclaimed “I’m in love with your record player”
The podcast is all about photography but we spent a long time chatting about everything from winter motorcycling gloves to The Dead Kennedys and Marilyn Manson.
It’s quite a weird experience being interviewed and recorded and at first you feel like you should check yourself or reel in your answers a bit. This feeling soon evaporates which is good because I would hate to give a false impression of myself and feel it is much more honest to tell it like it is. Still a tiny insight into how the famous and infamous must live every day though and I’m sure they always reel in their answers.
Stephen always starts each podcast with the question “who is (interviewees name)? Funnily enough this is the hardest question to answer as how often do we really look at ourselves like that, and when we do it’s generally not with a mike stuffed in our faces.
Great experience and really glad I did it. It might even make me look at my photography in a new light. Should anyone be interested in listening to me banging on about photography in general and how I got involved with taking pictures in particular can find the podcast on itunes. Just search for Photography 121 Stephen Cotterell in the podcast section of said apple store. It is also on Stephens webpage http://www.cotterell.net/_/Podcast/Podcast.html with a portrait for those who can stomach seeing as well as hearing me. I’m number thirteen on the list.  I have been thinking about maybe doing some photography based courses and although I have no problem talking to groups the experience of being recorded will considerably help me structure them.
I’ll talk more about that idea in my next blog but if you have any opinion or suggestion on how you would like a learning/discovering experience photography wise I’m all ears.


2 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. Dean, I enjoyed the interview. I suppose that first question is not easy to answer.

    Anyway, I relate to your no nonsense approach to your passions. What you said about telly was bang on the money. I too love film photography, and always stayed loyal to it.
    (music & hifi too!)
    While I thought the chat about yin & yang bordered on psycho-babble, the rest of your discussion was pretty interesting. Your singular vision particularly is of value. Too often, I hear people in other interviews by Stephen, gushing about some american wedding photographer who’s made a name for themselves by marketing their ‘brand’, and making a fortune by charging the earth for training sessions for mugs who want to be them. Why can’ people see how plastic that whole thing is.
    If someone asks me who my favourite photographer is, I say it’s me!

    Keep up your individualistic approach to your art.

    1. Thanks for listening to the podcast Jeremy. Love that closing line, If someone asks me who my favourite photographer is, I say it’s me! Couldn’t agree more. I am looking at the idea of some classes but I want to promote a passion for photography rather than snapping aimlessly with a 5k image memory card. Believe it or not I am speaking to a Women’s Institute group in January so hope to use that as a toe in the water to further talks/lessons/courses. Stick with your take on photography and if you are ever Worthing way please get in contact as I’m sure we could find reason to chat over a pint or two.

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