Chinese Take-away

     “Must get the last of my China trip films developed” I have been telling myself for a couple of weeks. Mountain bikes, some excellent recent album releases from great bands and local pubs putting on some wonderful winter porters, have all contributed to this not happening. However at eight thirty this morning I could hardly use beer as an excuse, well, not without raising a couple of eyebrows, most likely her eyebrows at that!  So out came the dev tank and in went the film.

     The thing with China is it looks just like a British seaside town. Well it did in these negs anyway. OK, clearly this was a reel taken back here in good old Blighty, yet I have been convinced for weeks that this was the last film from this years Asia jaunt. I have Da Tong, Xian, Guangzhou and Hong Kong but Beijing is not present.  

Definately a Chinese Take-away.

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