It’s all uphill from here.

Although I am still updating the site as I go along, that is not the uphill I refer to in the title. No, the site is almost where I want it; a couple of minor text changes and the removal of some and the addition of other work and I am there.
There are obviously times when I spot something that I would like to photograph but don’t have my camera with me. Sometimes this is a lost opportunity as it is something that will not be there on my return, or I hope it will be but isn’t. I am collecting images on a particular subject for a book I hope to put together and quite often miss a potential shot as it is just impractical to have my equipment with me at all time. I don’t drive so cycle for most journeys which means I tend to carry my camera when in a photography mood rather than always having it in the motor which would be relatively easy I guess. The bike allows me to see so much more on a trip which may be why I miss more shots than if I was hammering to my destination as fast as I could in a car while raging at all other road users. So six of one as they say!
It is the bike(s) that are linked to the uphill in the title however, and unfortunately it is a literal uphill. This one is an off road uphill which means the mountain bike. Unlike the road bike it does not come laden down with racks and bags and so anything I need to carry goes on my back and not the bike.
I was out pounding the hills a couple of days ago and spotted a lovely old stone gateway which, although not my usual sort of subject, at least deserves me having a go at it in my own particular style. The hill was hard enough without a tripod and a bag of camera gear swinging around me as I pedal but I can’t really use the it won’t be there when I go back excuse as It looked as if it may have hung in there for a hundred years or so already.
Now, I wonder if I can get away without the tripod?

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  1. Hang in there my friend, I’m sure you can take wonderful photos even without your tripod or other accessories.

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