A change Is Gonna Come

Those of you with a keen eye-and I like to think you all have a keen eye if you are looking at a photography website- may have noticed some changes to the layout of this site. These changes are ongoing at the time of writing and will continue over the next few weeks as I continue to re-think and update.
The original design was great and served me very well, but as the rest of the world went all twittery, blogtastic and wanted their faces in the book I needed to catch up and maximise interest in my work. Just like decorating, once one bit was refreshed the rest looked a little dated and so that was brought up to scratch which meant the next page had to be…well I’m sure you get the picture (no pun intended).
Going forward from here you will see, more limited, limited numbering (don’t panic existing customers you will be looked after) new images coming very soon and hopefully lots more customer feedback. It’s possible that I may add a bread and butter section selling non limited smaller prints and horror of horrors, these might include colour and or digital. This would never be my primary work as the black and white darkroom is too strong a pull for me but it would be nice to offer the chance of owning one of my images to a wider audience. I would love some of your thoughts on any of the changes that have taken place or those mentioned above that may be coming.

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